Dear, Mr Cameron

Mr Prime Minister, members of the House of Lords, and the House of Commons, you owe it to the people of the European Union to depart swiftly and cleanly. You must invoke Article 50 as soon as possible and without hesitation. There is no need to wait for October and the dissolution of Parliament.

The Parliament also owes it to the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland, who hugely voted to remain. England must not drag them out. Allow the Scots another referendum for a free Scotland, let the Northern Irish call for a united Ireland, and let them maintain their European interests.

England wants to go back to Little England.
The British people have spoken.
Britain must leave the Union.



Update: While I am deeply saddened and disappointed with the outcome of the referendum, I believe that there are no other ways but to move forward with this decision. It is imperative that the United Kingdom and the European Union must act in accordance with the will of the people and come up with an agreement that best serves the interests of both British citizens and the citizens of the EU.