Feedback poetry, Impraise

In the bad old days, it was not so bad
There was a manager his name was Bas
He was caring—never been hesitant
And our work was loved, always relevant

Bas led by example, it was his job
He encouraged us without being a snob
The team grew like a success
Keeping up with everyone became a mess

Improving has grown too hard
Pressure mounted, we cannot respond
We wish it were easy to share what was wrong
Advance the good and the bad be gone

The team hoped we could easily give praise
'cause those who work hard must get a raise
But it was too tough to get feedback
We relied on changes that were mostly hack

The work we do must have accountability
Getting feedback is our main responsibility
Days and weeks have gone without trace
But alas, we found this great tool called Impraise!

We killed the barrier to our achieving
Every day has become a constant learning
The team is now happier, and Bas went old
But followed his steps we did—lo and behold!