Here's to moving on

Over a year and a half after moving to Manila, I am excited to embark on yet another crazy adventure, a new chapter of my own novel called life.

I am joining a team of young hackers and entrepreneurs as a Senior Software Engineer of a promising YC startup, Impraise, based in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Can't wait to hop on the next flight to Europe and hack its new economy!

My stay in Manila has been quite a crazy ride, full of its ups and downs, successes and heartbreaks, invaluable lessons learned along the way. Manila is truly unique, one of its kind, but it is about time to move on.

I will still be in the metro over the next few weeks, maybe a month or two (give or take), while I work on the logistics and wait for the big move. But before that, I'm definitely down for coffee and talk about the future. Hit me up!