I'm with the Madam President

Today, our American friends from all across the United States wake up to make one of the biggest collective decisions that will shape the course of the next decades of our history. First, I encourage every single one of my US citizen friends to go out and vote. And second, I hope that you cast your ballot for the only person fit to hold the Oval Office—Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While I am no American myself, I have learned to love the United States like my own during the entire five formative years of living there. I consider the US, up until today, as my extended second home—immersed myself in the full American culture, paid my dues, and taught myself all about American politics and way of life. As a college student, I campaigned for Mr Obama in 2012 and could never be prouder to witness, that night of November, electing the first black president for a second term. Today, I watch on the sidelines from across the Atlantic and with my high hopes that America will choose its next leader fit to continue upholding the country's major position as a global power.

I hope you won't disappoint the world, America. Now, go out and elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as the 45th President of the United States of America! #ImWithHer